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Beard Shampoo Benefits

Beard Shampoo Benefits

What are the benefits of beard shampoo? should you be using it? A beard that hasn’t been washed is easy to spot. A greasy, tangled mess with flyaway hairs going all over the place.

Your beard can get pretty out of hand in a short period of time. As we go about our day, our hair and skin is bombarded with all manner of external elements.

From office air conditioning, summer sun to ice-cold winds of winter, our hair and skin can easily end up feeling tight and dry from the daily activities.

Beard shampoo can help address these issues. Beard shampoo has a lower PH that makes them more suitable for your hair and face.

Using beard shampoo regularly removes dirt, dead skin and product from both your beard and the skin underneath, leaving you with a healthier, fuller beard.

Primary Man

A well-maintained beard is appealing to the eye, at a base level it signals hygiene and this in turn subconsciously coveys you have been willing to invest time and effort into your appearance. 

This can speak volumes to the opposite sex, showcasing a level of maturity in your willingness to be presentable to others.  

Read on to find out why you should be washing your beard.

A poorly maintained beard is a sorry sight to behold.  There’s a reason movies depict male characters at their lowest point with a poorly maintained, wild-looking beard. At it’s worst it makes you look homeless and at it’s best, makes you look like a disorganized mess of a man. 



Beard itch is caused by dirt and bacteria that has built up on our hair and skin. The skin is actually the main culprit of beard itch.

If bacteria is on our skin for too long it can cause our skin to have mild inflammation, leading to it becoming red and irritated which in turn causes beard itch.

Both dry skin and Irritated skin are also some of the causes of dandruff.

Beard shampoo helps you have a well-maintained beard that is appealing to the eye.

To reduce the cause of beard itch (inflammation) look for a wash that includes natural anti-inflammatory promotes, such as grapeseed oil and protect your hair from the external environment, such as almonds oils fatty acids that support the skin barrier to protect us from external influences.

By removing any dirt and bacteria from the hair and skin, and eliminating the chance of dry skin which causes beard itch.



Your beard hair is primarily made up of a protein, known as keratin. When looking to maintain a strong and healthy beard, we want our beard wash to have specific qualities that are going to benefit our beard hair.

A key area that can damage your hairs proteins is the PH or alkaline level of the beard wash you are using.

The ideal level for primary hair health is 4.5-5PH.

Washes with a higher level than this can cause your beard to dry level it more susceptible to environmental damage, which as we have established is something we want to avoid.

Beard shampoo
When it comes to beard shampoo, look for active ingredients that are going to enhance your beard as you wash it.

The PH is not the only thing you want to focus on. The active ingredients in your beard wash should also be a key area of focus.

Carrier oils such as coconut and argan oil have been shown to have the greatest benefit on penetrating the hair and reducing protein loss to hair.

Ingredients like hydrolyzed oast and wheat coat the shaft in a thin film, that helps protect, smooths the hair shaft.

Healthy hair starts at the roots, so look for ingredients that also look after the skin underneath your beard.

Ingredients like peppermint essential oil help stimulate blood flow, increasing circulation to the hair follicle. Kakadu plum oil is high in vitamin C, which is key in keeping our skin healthy and firm.


So now you know why you should wash your beard but how to use it. In general, you want to use your beard to wash your beard 1-3 times per week. To use first you want to wet your beard, try not to have the water too hot, as this can damage your beard.

Apply one squeeze of beard wash, rubbing between your hands before massaging into your beard.

If you’re using our 2 in 1 wash, make to let the wash sit on your beard for at least a minute, so it can absorb all the conditioning and active ingredients. Rinse thoroughly, making sure there’s no wash left in the beard.

If you’re using a 2 in 1 beard shampoo, make to let the wash sit on your beard for at least a minute, so it can absorb all the conditioning and active ingredients.

Pat your beard dry and then apply your choice of oil or balm. Now sit back and enjoy how awesome your beard feels!

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