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Benefits Of Beer in Skincare

Benefits Of Beer in Skincare

Beer can be a real fun time when you’re drinking it but anyone waking from a hangover can tell you that it’s no good for your skin. So why put beer in your skincare products? Is it just a hoax?


It turns out that when you’re not drinking beer, it can be extremely beneficial for both your skin and hair.

Beer provides benefits to our skin via it’s vitamins, specifically, vitamin B. Beer provides moisturising properties and antioxidants.

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What exactly is beer?

Before we dive into the benefits of beer on the skin, it will really help to understand what beer is and how it’s made.

At it’s simplest, beer is made of four ingredients: Water, malt hops and yeast.

Beer is made by fermenting grains in water. The water alkaline content has a big impact on the final product and the brewer carefully selects the PH level in their beer.

The hops contained in beer provide antibacterial benefits.

The grains add colour, flavour and make up the bulk of protein content of the beer. Yeast is added to the grains to create fermentation ( yeast eating sugars and turning them into alcohol).

There are two types of yeast used ale, think Pale ale and IPA’s and lager yeast for pilseners and lagers.

Hops, a flower, are added at various stages for flavour, aroma and antibacterial properties.

Benefits of beer on your skin

Now that you understand that beer is made predominantly of natural ingredients, you can begin to understand how it can be of benefit to our skin.

Specific benefits of beer in skincare can come from the hops. Hop’s natural antibacterial properties translate well to skincare.

Information is known to be a major cause of many skin issues, such as acne. By applying products with a beer in them to your skin, hops natural antibacterial properties can help to reduce inflammation.

”The extracts of these ingredients, especially the hops, contain an abundance of polyphenols such as kaempferol, quercetin, tyrosol, ferulic acid, xanthohumol/isoxanthohumol/8-prenylnaringenin, α-bitter acids like humulone and β-bitter acids like lupulone. 8-prenylnaringenin is the most potent phytoestrogen known to date. These compounds have been shown to possess various anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-angiogenic, anti-melanogenic, anti-osteoporotic and anti-carcinogenic effects.”

The vitamin B content in beer is also a big benefit. Vitamin provides a number of benefits for our skin, specifically, it helps keep our lipid barrier intact. this barrier is what helps keep our skin hydrated and firm.

Best Skincare Products containing Beer

So now you know the benefits of beer, how do you get it into your skin?

A few companies are experimenting with beer in moisturisers and shampoos but we have the best way to utilise beer is with beer soap.

Anyone who has used beer soap knows how awesome it feels. Beer soap is super smooth on the skin, leaving it clean and moisturised.

Beer soap cleans and moisturizes your skin.

The makeup of beer soap also means it provides a fantastic lather, making t ideal for those who have had a messy day.

It’s not just the feel-good properties either. The antibacterial properties of beer work extremely well in soap. You can be confident that when you wash with a quality beer soap, your skin will be clean and germ-free.




So we know beers are not just for drinking. By providing a great lather for cleaning your skin, as well as leaving it moisturised, there's now another reason to love your favourite beverage.


Have you tried beer-based skincare products? let us know below. 

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