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Can you Benefit from a 3 in 1 body wash?

Can you Benefit from a 3 in 1 body wash?

Prior to starting Primary Man, we never actually rated 3 in 1 wash that highly.

How can a single product do as good of a job as three individual specialized products? 

A high quality 3 in 1 wash will utilize naturally derived ingredients to clean and condition hair, while also cleaning our skin, all without stripping out our bodies natural oils.

That’s a lot to ask of a single product.

Our doubts were well-founded as well. Many qualified formulators have outright told us a 3 in 1 product will not do as good a job as the individual products.

So why did we make one? 

3 in 1 can save you time in the shower, so you can focus on your other favorite shower activates

Firstly, we’re stubborn and we don’t like being told we can’t do something. 

Secondly (after a LOT) of trial and error, we found that utilizing high-quality ingredients in the right combination could yield amazing results.

Thirdly, sometimes just getting it done, is better than not getting it done at all. If we get some blokes washing their mug, hair and body with our bit of kit and they have upgraded from $2.00 supermarket soap, that’s a win!

How does a 3 in 1 work?

The real question should be how to get a 3 in 1 to work properly? Washing hair is not the same as washing your body and conditioning is a whole different element altogether.

Each of the different elements of the wash is trying to do fundamentally different things, meaning making a quality product is a challenge to say the least.  

The key here is focusing on the PH of both hair and skin. The average PH of human skin is 5.5 and the average PH of human hair is between 4.5-5.5

If you go to high with PH, you can damage your scalp, to low and the product can become ineffective.

What ingredients you utilize in your formula can dramatically effect the PH of the final product.

Our 3 in 1 wash has a final PH of 5, making it safe and effective on both your hair and skin.  

Can you really have quantity and quality?

As stated above, we didn’t think so but a lot of trial and error has resulted in a product that we truly believe ticks all the boxes for a quality 3 in 1 wash product.

Primary Man’s 3 in 1 wash both hair and body with stripping it of its natural oils, as well as providing conditioning both the hair and skin.

The key is the focus on ingredients. You want to avoid harsh ingredients that can harm your skin over prolonged use.

The simplicity of a 3 in 1 product is hard to overlook. But how can quality be maintained with so many functions?

Some examples of What you want to avoid are:

  • SLES Sodium Laureth Sulfate: Used as a cheap and effective foaming agent, SLES status as bad’’ or ‘’Good’’ additive is debated for use in skincare products. SLES is extracted from SLS via a methodology known as ethoxylation. Ethoxylation is a gas sterilant and works to remove the compounds that cause skin irritation in SLS.
  • SLS Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Used as a cleansing and foaming agent, SLS is a surfactant and used a bridging ingredient between oil and water. It’s low cost and efficiency means it’s most commonly found in skincare products such as shampoos but also in food and cleaning products. It means this product can be found in a wide variety of products. The main cause or concern is that it causes low to mild irritation on the skin and continued use can lead to this worsening. People with already sensitive skin should look to avoid this ingredient where possible.  

When looking at the ingredients list, look for ingredients you can easily identify and if there are ones you don’t understand, you can easily use this handy site to identify if they are murder death poison or not.

For our 3 in 1, we tried to strike a balance between natural and practical ingredients.

Natural Oils: We included natural oils that are beneficial for both skin and hair. These include Coconut oil, which helps keep proteins locked in our hair. Kakadu Plum oil, with the highest concentration of Vitamin C in any natural oil, it helps soothe and moisturise our skin.

Coconut oil penetrates our hair Shaft, supporting it’s protein structures, resulting in healthier and fuller hair.

Naturally Derived Surfactants: Surfactants, also know as surface cleaning agents, have multiple uses from cleaning to clothing dye. They can derived from both chemical e.g petrol byproduct or natural material such as coconuts and palm tress.

With a focus on natural ingredients and sustainability, we utilize surfactants that are made from coconuts. These surfactants have excellent cleaning and foaming properties, all without being a harsh chemical bath for your skin.

Natural active ingredients: Not every product is going to have active ingredients. They are typically used to address a specific issue such as Benzoyl peroxide in acne cream.

3 in 1’s pose an issue to active ingredients, as they are designed to perform multiple tasks.

We wanted our 3 in 1 to have actives that enhanced washing hair, conditioning and cleaning skin.

We packed our 3 in 1 with a combination of complimentary active ingredients.

Our three key actives are Hydrolyzed wheat protein which conditions both skin and hair. Vitamin E, soothes and moisturizes the skin, while also helping to protect against UV rays and free radicals. D-panthenol, also known as Pro vitamin B5, works to add volume and shine to hair while also moisturizing your skin.


So how can a 3 in 1 body wash benefit you?

Save money

 Is $35 a lot for 500ml of body wash? Absolutely.

Is $35 a lot for a body wash, hair/ beard shampoo, conditioner and face cleanser?


That my friends is a bloody bargain.

We want men all over the world to take better care of themselves and if washing isn’t the most basic of self-care we don’t know what is.

When you spend your hard-earned cash on  our primary man 3 in 1 wash, you know you’re getting bang for buck, with a high-quality product at an awesome price.  

By not having to purchase multiple products, 3 in 1 washes are a great way to save money.

Be of benefit to the environment

The more products we have, the more waste we generate.  By condensing your hair and body routine into one convenient package, you are drastically reducing the amount of waste you produce.  You can feel even better knowing our boxes and filling are both made of 100% recycled material and are both biodegradable.

Unbeatable convenience

A multi-step routine is awesome, we have a bunch of them and individual specialized products are always going to get a Superior result compared to multi use products.

Having said that, some people have a big old case of can’t be bothered and we respect that.

Why waste time and money messing around with a bunch of gear when you can get it done all in one?

The convince of 3 in 1 is undeniable and when combined with quality ingredients it’s appeal only increases.


Multi-use two, three or even four in one product have only grown in popularity in our ever busier lives.

We believe if you are going to embrace the convince of the multi-use product, then why not make it the best one it can be?

Remember, when choosing a 3 in 1 product, look for high-quality ingredients, so you are getting the most bang for your buck.

So now it’s your turn, have you used 3 in 1 product before? How did you find the experience? Let us know below and as always, thanks for reading.

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