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How to Use Beard Oil

How to Use Beard Oil

Want to start properly caring for your beard? Then you’ll need to learn to use beard oil.

Beard oil is generally made of carrier oil and essential oil. Carrier oils help to dilute essential oils and provide a host of benefits, from antioxidant properties, reducing inflammation and moisturizing the skin underneath your beard.

How to Use Beard Oil

This moisturizing element is beneficial as by keeping the skin healthy, we are more likely to improve the overall health of our hair, resulting in a fuller and thicker beard overall. 

Using beard oil is a simple 3 x step process, for best results you need to:

  1. Wash Your Beard
  2. Apply beard oil (Correctly)
  3. Comb Your Beard


Step 1: Wash Your beard

Clean hair is healthy hair. You'll get the most out of your beard oil by applying it to your beard just after a warm shower. 

Washing Beard

Using a beard wash in the shower will also help to soften and detangle your beard, making it easier to apply the beard oil.

After washing your beard, pat it dry, as oil and water don't mix.  


Step 2: Apply the Beard Oil

Take your beard oil and place between 3-6 drops ( Depending on the size of your beard) into the palm of your hand. 

Rub your hands together to warm up the oil, spreading it evenly across your hands.  

How to use Beard Oil

Rub your hands across each side of your beard, distributing the oil evenly across the full length.

Use the tips of your fingers to push through your beard hair, making sure the oil is evenly distributed.


Step 3 Comb Your Beard

Now that you have evenly applied the oil, take a beard brush or comb and brush in a downwards motion.

The brushing will not only tidy up your beard but will also further distribute the oil across your beard.

How to Use Beard Oil  




That's it, couldn't be simpler. Now you understand how to apply beard oil. Keep in mind, not all beard oils are created equal. 

If you want the best for your beard, make sure to look for organic beard oil, that will help your hair and skin look their best.  

As always, thanks for reading, we have some more great articles below that can help you to be the best bloke you can. 



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