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Should you get a Tattoo as a Man?

Should you get a Tattoo as a Man?

More and more Aussies are getting Tattoos. ‘’14.5% of Australians have at least one tattoo and the percentage of men who have tattoos is 15.4%.’’ Australians are also spending a lot of money on tattoos, with some individuals spending upwards of $10,000 for their body art.   

What is a Tattoo?

A tattoo is a permanent body alteration made through the use of needles that inject ink into the skin. A trained Tattoo artist uses a small handheld device that punctures the skin with small needles, inserting ink into the second layer of the skin.

Tattoos are a form of Self Expression.

Viewed as body art, a Tattoo is often deeply personal, expressing a person’s interest, views, or love for those closest to them in a visual format. It can also be used to showcase that you get what you pay for and that all art is not equal

Today Tattoos are becoming more prominent the world over but they are hardly a new trend, having been estimated to be roughly 10,000 years old. Tattoos appear all over the globe, with each culture and time period utilising them for different reasons.  

Tattoos have been discovered on Egyptian mummies. These women, believed to be high-status priestess, used tattoos as a ‘’therapeutic role and functioned as a permanent form of amulet during the very difficult time of pregnancy and birth’’

There’s the Iceman, a 5000 + years old homo sapiens discovered in 1991, who had a series of tattoo dots in multiple areas of his body.  These dots ran along his lower spine, knee and ankle. Scientists believed they were used in the therapeutic method, in order to treat areas of high strain caused by living in icy mountains.  

There’s also 16th-century Japanese samurai, who used Tattoos to help identify them after their death on the battlefield. 

There’s also 16th-century Japanese samurai, who used Tattoos to help identify them after their death on the battlefield.  Closer to home, we also have the New Zealand, which is home to moko, or Maori Tattooing.

The Maori Tatting culture was a rite of passage, with Tattoos covering the whole face as a ‘’symbol of rank, social status, power and prestige.’’ 18th Century sailors would often return from the south pacific sporting tattoos as well, creating the association sailors and Tattoos.  

Today Tattoos are not only more accepted but varied than ever. Shows like LA Ink have push Tattoos into the mainstream, as well as many more celebrities and other public figures sporting ink, there’s never been a better time to explore the art form.

Should You Get a Tattoo?

A tattoo is a pretty permanent commitment, while you can get a tattoo removed, the cost here in Australia can be $200 and requires many more sessions than it took to get the Tattoo on in the first place and Just like getting the Tattoo, there’s risk involved infection or laser burn if the process is not done properly.

What we’re saying, is you want to carefully think through what you’re going to get on your body. Here are some things to consider before getting inked:

The Process Takes both Time and Money

 A small Tattoo in Australia can have a starting cost of $125, with large Tattoos going up to $1,500. These prices can vary from parlous to palour and the complexity of what you are wanting to get to do for the actual Tattoo.

A small heart will be significantly cheaper than a life size back portrait of Tyler Durden from Fight Club. speaking of which

Are you thinking Long Term Enough?

Will the art pice you’re having done still be relevant to you in 5 years or hell, even 6 months? There are countless stories of people getting their partner's names Tattoo on only to need to remove them 6 months later.

Pop culture and fads should also be considered, do you really want to be 45 and have a Tattoo of your Favorite Pokemon on your arm?   Think long and hard about Why you want a particular Tattoo before you commit.  

Tattoo Men are viewed as more Masculine.

Men think they are more attractive with Tattoos

The Tattoo in western culture has been typically associated with the ‘Bad Boy’’ for a long time. Countless studies have looked at and reviewed not only why people get tattoos but how tattoos are perceived by others. 

When it comes to men, studies have found that  ‘Tattoos ’serve as a kind of badge that reflects pain tolerance and physical endurance, as a means of emphasizing sexuality’’.

In simple terms, by showing a high pain tolerance, Tattoo men signal they have healthier genes by being able to survive the physical injury.

Interestingly, Tattoo men are held in higher status by other men, who see them as  ‘’more masculine, dominant and aggressive’’ Women perceive this too and a result women viewed tattoo men  ‘’as worse potential partners and parents than non-tattooed men’’.

Consider the Health Risks

We’d like to note we are definitely not medical doctors and this is not medical advice, just a heads up.

Even in the 21st Century, there are still health risks associated with Tattoos. The Bottom line is you insert foreign matter into the largest organ in your body (your skin) and if not done properly, this has the potential to become infected.  Make sure the parlour you go to has clean tools and is sanitary.  

If you do get an infection, you will notice signs of red bumpy skin, pus or swelling. If infections are not treated they can spread into your bloodstream and organs, which has the potential for serious harm

It Could Affect Your Work

Tattoos are everywhere now but they are still struggling in the workplace.  No doubt you would have seen stories or know someone has had to cover up their Tattoos or piercings due to workplace policy.

While many new workplaces are embracing Tattoos, older conservative companies still view them as non-no. ‘’Older generations tend to be the most against visible tattoos and facial piercings, and the more traditionally conservative corporate environments are still largely anti-tattoos.’’

Where To Get A Tattoo?

Where you put a Tattoo on Your Body is also worth considering. The location can make as much of a statement as the artwork itself.  Not to mention that things like exposure to the elements can affect the long jeopardy of a tattoo and location warrants just as much consideration as the Tattoo itself.  

The upper arm is a classic spot for Tattoos, it’s also ideal as it’s hidden from the sun (most of the time) by your shirt sleeves.  

Back: The Back can be a tough spot for some. It’s one of the bigger blank canvas on your body and the temptation to fill the whole thing can be hard to resist. The back is also relatively stable, meaning it’s not as easily affected by sudden weight gain or loss.  Again, this area is also low on the exposure side to UV Rays, meaning Tattoo will keep its lustre in this area for longer.

Calf Muscle:  In summer, it will definitely get a lot more sun but the calf tends to hold it’s shape and size over time, meaning your Tattoo will stay in top form even as you age.

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